Here are some free patterns for you to download. 

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Hexie iPad Cover

By Michelle Pearson



3 Fab-U-Trees

by Ronald Peterson

   Edna - Fairy Godmother Pin

By Michelle Pearson

Circle Play Runner

By Michelle Pearson

44" x 22"



 Hydrangea Heaven

By Michelle Pearson

60" x 60"

Sashiko Reversible Runner

by Kothy Hafersat



Shaggy Flannel Quilt

By Michelle Pearson

48" x 48"

Quilting Fireballs with Michelle Pearson


Sit-N-Sew Cushion

Using the Quilt Designer II from Husqvarna Viking

(or any other embroidery machine)




Sit-n-Sew Cushion

Using the Sapphire machines from Husqvarna Viking

(or any other sewing machine with decorative stitches)